Insight To Licensing And Taxation Policies

Sep 03

Here’s a complete road map to help you acquire your license and guide you through their entire policies.

The Clauses You Need To Satisfy:

The licensing authority put forward multiple conditions which you need to fulfill in order to get a verified copy of the permanent driver license (DL). The conditions include:
You need to have a minimum age of 17 for light motor vehicles and of 21 for heavy motor vehicles.
• You need to be living in Great Britain for the last three years.
• Need to have a UK passport.
• You should have proper eye sight.
• You should not have any kind of color blindness.
• There should not be any criminal cases against your name.
The licensing board needs you to pay a sum of 34 euros in order to get your job done.


Limitations Of A Learner’s License

A learner’s license (LL) is issued to an applicant who has recently learned how to drive a car or motor vehicle. The one driving with an LL must have an L-sign attached to the front and rear of his/her car. He must have a person with a permanent DL seated beside him who will guide him. He must never cross the speed limit of 50 km/HR. bridging any of the rules may permanently detain him from owning a permanent DL.

Insight To Licensing And Taxation Policies

The driving license in not only essential for bringing your car on the road. It has got many uses and can help you in many ways. It acts as a valid photo identity proof for you in all kinds of legal permissions. It carries your photo, name, address, age, blood group, date of birth, the issue date, and the expiry date. There are multiple categories of alicense issued to a particular individual which include LMV, HMV, HGMV, etc. depending on the category of the motor vehicle driven.

Taxation Policy

As per the government policy, you need to pay a tax for each and every service you get from the government. If you are driving on the road, you are taking the service of the government roads, the traffic police, etc. You need to get your tax paid on time. You have to pay the road tax for your car which you are entitled to pay every 5 years, or you can pay for a span of 15 years which is often termed as the taxation for a lifetime.

What Is SORN?

The licensing authority has recently introduced the SORN facility. SORN stands for Statutory off Road Notification. By registering yourself for SORN, you officially declare that you are not going to bring your car or motor vehicle on the road, and it will be kept in your garage or lawn. This levies you of the taxation policy and thus you do not need to pay the tax. You can bring your vehicle on the road only when you renew your taxation policy once again.

Follow The Rules

All the above said standards and procedure are mentioned for your own benefit to guide you on the correct track. It is always expected that you will follow them and be a responsible citizen.

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Imperative Information on Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Aug 29

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is an organization which is mainly responsible for maintaining a database of vehicles and drivers in the United Kingdom. The executive agency Driver and Vehicle licensing agency which is located in Swansea have been in the field for more than 40 years. The organization that started as a paper base has now gained success and are operating it is an exceedingly competent and organized business.


Imperative Tasks Of The Driver And Vehicle Licensing Agency

  • The main work of the agency is to arrange acollection of excise duty on vehicles as well as anissue driving license.
  • It is a decision-making agency for the transport sector, and it was earlier documented as the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre.
  • The network of offices in Great Britain earlier was 39 and users could apply for authorization as well as manage other business.
  • It was in the year 2013 that the resident offices in Britain closed down completely, and the work of the agency was as a result centralized in Swansea- the place where it was based.
  • With the base in Swansea many people had to execute the procedure tenuously through post or through online.

Commencement Of Driver And Vehicle Licensing Agency

It was in the year 2004 that the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency introduced the EVL or Electronic Vehicle Licensing. The main benefit of the EVL was that the users could pay their excise duty for their vehicles online or by phone. The other option made available to the customers to pay their vehicle tax was through the post office.

Initially, the responsibility of registration of vehicles was of the  of Borough as well as County councils all over Great Britain, a plan fashioned by Motor cars act in the year 1903. It was in the year 1990 that DVLC or Driver and Licensing Centre was retitled as Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

Database Of Driver And Vehicle Licensing Agency

  • The registration of the vehicles apprehended by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing agency was utilized in different ways.
  • It is through the agency it could identify the untaxed vehicles as well as determine the keepers of vehicles that entered London and that have exceeded the speed limit on theroad or not paid the congestion charges by utilizing the database.
  • Millions of records are kept safe with the driver and vehicle licensing agency and the amount of money collected from excise duty of vehicles is near£6 billion in a year.
  • By maintaining the licensing and registration of drivers together and with the collection of the vehicle excise duty, the agency can gain a lot of information on ways to improve road safety and reduce the crime related with vehicles
  • In this way, it will maintain the environmental projects as well as limit the tax evasion of vehicles. The services of the agency have enhanced further on, and exceptional digital services are made available by the agency to the clients.


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Understanding The Highway Code In the UK

Jul 25

When you are driving in the UK, it becomes very essential to know all the code which is applied. The highway code is applicable in England, Wales, and Scotland. The codes apply to the pedestrians as well as drivers. It is mandatory that all road users should follow the highway codes. When you are driving, you need to follow certain rules which make your life safe as well as others. If you are disobeying or breaking any rules, always remember that you are committing a criminal offense, and you will end up paying penalties or will be disqualified from driving. You should always obey the highway code when you are road user in the UK. To understand the procedures and requirements, you must call DVLA or get in touch with them to know the accurate information.


Rules For Pedestrians:

  • If there is any pavement, then you should always use the pavement. If there is no pavement, then you need to walk on the right side of the road, and if the road is dark, you need to carry light or something which will make yourself visible. You should always cross your road when there is a green signal. You should always check the road and cross. You should always use Zebra crossing when you want to cross the road.
  • If there is any emergency vehicle such as ambulance, police, fire engine or any other emergency vehicle, then they must use headlights or sirens. You should always get on or off the bus when it is stopped.
  • For powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters must follow both on pavements and on the road rule
  • Rules about animals include Horse Dawn vehicles, Horse riders and also other animals. Before you are riding any horse, you need to ensure that you can manage it well. You should not take your horse on pavement or footpath or cycle track. For other animals like dogs, you should not let your dog out on the road. You can use a seat belt or cage just to avoid distractions while driving.
  • For cyclists, it is mandatory to use a cycle helmet, and also need to wear light clothing. You should avoid wearing any clothes or accessories which may get tangled in cycle chain. If you are riding at night, you must carry a light so that you are visible to others. You should always ride your cycle from cycle tracks.
  • For motorcyclists, it’s good to have a well-conditioned motorcycle. Also, you should have a valid license. Rather than depending on other people you should call authorities in case if you have any question regarding driving license and eligibility.

  • You should not drink and drive, and you should use a seat belt for yourself and others in the car.
  • You should always carry proper documents, such as driving license, car insurance if you are a learner, then you must carry your learner’s license.
  • You should always follow the general rules which are applicable for all drivers and riders. These rules include signals, stopping procedures, lighting requirements, speed limits and lane marking on the road.


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